New Memberships/Renewals

Jan - Dec 

$100 plus key shipping

Out of Town


(50 miles or more from range)

$35 (plus key shipping)

USE ONLY After July 1st!

July 1st to Dec 31st 

Partial Year Membership $50 (plus key shipping)

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Complete this form AFTER your payment has been made.  

Steps to Online ordering:

1. Choose your membership

2. Make payment via Paypal (account not required) $2 fee

3. Submit the online version of the Membership/ Renewal form either on the bottom of this page or on the page redirect after your payment is completed.  

Some folks prefer the quick way, while some like the old way.  Either way is fine with us!  

Please choose the appropriate payment button to complete your purchase.  

Follow the steps below to make your payment. 

All memberships are from January to January

Renewal notices/emails will be sent out in December.

Renewals/New Members/Families/Couples = $100 year

Out of town memberships (50 miles or more driving from our location) = $35 year

Discounted rates for members that join in the months of July to December is $50 for the remaining year.

Renewals - Keys will be mailed to you within 7-10 days via USPS mail.  Make sure you give us the correct address.  Please use the form to submit any new or changed info for our records.

New Members - We will mail you a key as well as a Member packet (rules, membership card, guidelines, etc) Please allow 7-10 days for your packet to arrive.